Workstation PCs for Hexagon Geospatial ERDAS IMAGINE

Hexagon Geospatial ERDAS IMAGINE is a fantastic piece of software, however it is important that you create the right workstation configuration to ensure that the software runs at optimal performance. PCSpecialist is a manufacturer of high performance workstation computers and using our pre-defined systems below you can create a workstation that is tailored for both your budget and the software requirements. When creating the pre-defined systems, we have factored in the processor and graphical needs of Hexagon Geospatial ERDAS IMAGINE. You can also create your ideal configuration based around the CPU and chipset.

Looking for a workstation PC that's tailored towards alternative software? Select a different software package below:

Custom Built Workstations

Get to know Windows 11 Pro

my budget is €1,080 - €12,170

  • Intel® Z790 & W680 Chipset
  • 13th & 14th generation Intel® Core™ Processors.
  • Professional W680 & ProArt Motherboards designed for AI Training, Deep Learning, Animation 3D Rendering and Media Production

my budget is €3,320 - €10,960

  • AMD TRX50 & WRX80 Chipsets.
  • Supporting HEDT and PRO Workstation.
  • Up to 96 Cores, 192 Threads.
  • The Ultimate Platform For Professional Enthusiasts.

my budget is €2,520 - €24,350

  • Intel® C621 chipset & Socket 3647.
  • An incredibly powerful workstation & server engine.
  • Supporting the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, Up to 56 cores.
  • Ideal platform for Computer Aided Design (CAD) & Digital Content creation (DCC).

my budget is €2,450 - €24,350

  • Supporting the latest Intel® 4th Generation Scaleable Sapphire Rapid Xeons®
  • Suitable for AI, HPC, IoT/Edge and Networking
  • Up to 56 Core / 112 Thread CPUs & DDR5 Memory.
  • The Ultimate Platform For Professional Enthusiasts.