Digital Audio Workstations

At PCSpecialist, we understand the performance requirements for audio production and what is expected of a digital audio workstation (DAW). The PC is the powerhouse of your DAW setup and is a key element in the quality of your audio/music production. PCSpecialist will take into account the requirements of any external components, such as any input devices, soundcards/audio interfaces and of course your desired software package and ensure you get the correct DAW for you.

Design & Build The Perfect Audio System

PCSpecialist are experts in bespoke and build to order (BTO) solutions, so have put together our very own Digital Audio Workstation configurator. This enables you to design & build the perfect system to power your digital audio production. So whether you’re a professional, an enthusiast or if music is just your hobby, PCSpecialist can build an audio production pc tailored to your requirements.

Components / Hardware

With a focus on performance and reliability, PCSpecialist has cherry picked the best in class components to build into our DAW PCs. All of our systems are powered by multi-core processors, high-speed DDR4 memory (RAM) and have multiple of storage solutions, in the form of HDDs & SSDs - a popular configuration at the moment is a combination of SSDs (to install & run software) and HDDs (for audio file storage).

Put Your Own Stamp On It!

Not only are all of our audio production PCs built to meet the demands of our customers, we also allow you to put your own stamp on the design & build. There are many ways to make your next DAW PC match your own style and personality; Case, LED Colour and Braided Cable Colour.

We offer a vast array of professional audio production equipment from the industry’s leading brands. We’ve got Audio Interfaces, Studio Monitors, Headphones & Microphones from the partners such as Focusrite, M-Audio, Steinberg and Audio-Technica to name a few, so we can cater for all audiophiles. Save yourself valuable time and effort by purchasing all of your DAW equipment from PCSpecialist.

Reliability & Support

With over 15 years’ experience in producing high-end, performance desktops and notebooks, PCSpecialist have built a great reputation offering great hardware, combined with excellent customer service. We have over 15 fully trained support staff which are on hand to provide you with the highest level of support. Whether you’re an existing customer requiring technical support, or a new customer needing advice on your new PC, we are here to help. Languages Supported: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch.

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