Here are the latest comments made by some of our previous customers. These are genuine comments and we were given permission by the customer to put these comments on our website. If you choose to email one of our customers, please do so with due respect as we are very grateful for them offering their service as a reference for us.

No: 4,181
Name: Chris

Date: 14-09-2023

Bought a computer on behalf of my brother in law in July 2021, and every thing was fine with the build and upgrade to Windows 11 when available. Over the past couple of years my brother in law's health as not been the best, being in and out of hospital over the past 14 months or so. The computer was sitting there doing nothing all this time, has he got better he decided to crank the computer up and that's when the problems started, cut a long story short, I got in touch with the tech department, explained what was happening and they couldn't have been more helpful, hooked the computer up so they could access it remotely, and everything was a breeze, reinstalled Windows installed the drivers and the computer is running like brand new, I would like to thank the guy's at tech support for a first class service and showing other company's how it should be done. Five star service, would recommend to anyone looking for a computer, their service is second to none, thank you,
No: 4,180
Name: Brodie

Date: 09-09-2023

I recently bought a pretty top range gaming PC from the team here, and I am very impressed. Before I ordered I emailed to ask a few questions and they responded quickly with informative and professional advice regarding my build. The order came quickly and I was updated throughout every stage. The build quality is also very impressive. I bought this PC to run the latest games such as Darktide annd Starfield and it does that and then some! Initial setup upon delivery was done in 30 minutes and I was gaming by that evening, couldn’t be happier!
No: 4,179
Name: Philip Bingham

Date: 04-09-2023

I have bought three desktop computers from PCS (starting, I think in 2011), and in my experience, they arrive securely packed and have been well-built and trouble free. I was happy enough to choose them again for my latest build, which is only mid-range, but did need updated graphics. They do sell a range of ready built models which should arrive (in the UK) in a couple of days - but in my view, one of their main strengths is the ability to pick a wide range of components to your own specification. Understandably, this will involve a longer wait for building and testing, but can be well worth it if you have definite requirements. They give quite a bit of information on the options available, but will also save a quoted specification without obligation, if you need to do further research on the components you are considering. They also warn you if any of the chosen components seem to be incompatible, or are the wrong size, etc. Their prices strike me as fair and competitive, especially considering the range of choice and attention to customer needs. I particularly like the fact that they don't require you to buy an operating system - after all, not everyone wants ton use Windows, but most manufacturers would charge for it anyway! (Their help team does not officially support operating systems other than Windows, by the way, but, as a Linux user, at a fairly basic level, I have had no trouble with their builds, especially if you go mainly for AMD components, which are well-supported in the Linux kernel, and don't usually require additional drivers).
No: 4,178
Name: Gary Leahy

Date: 01-08-2023

Thank you PCSpecialist team overall experience was brilliant very easy to use website the pc I purchased was exactly what I ordered and it is unreal. Great communication throughout the process and excellent delivery speed. Would highly recommend to friends and family.
No: 4,177
Name: Cher

Date: 28-07-2023

My PC was having problems with turning on and off so i sent if of to PCSpecialists,
Tom Armitage had been working with my system and during the troubleshooting process he had eliminated the PSU, RAM, CPU, and the GPU as the cause. This only left the Motherboard to be at fault. He honestly gave me the best option for my PC and even explained any questions about fixing it.

Tom Armitage was a really big help and i would definitely recommend PCSpecialists because they really are specialists

Pun intended
No: 4,176
Name: David Armstrong

Date: 13-07-2023

Well now what can I say but this is one hell of a computer. I had changed my mind on build half way through but there was no extra cost. My old system had a 1060 gfx card so this 4070 was a large upgrade for this.

I normally build all my other PC’s but this time I decided to let someone else do it, I was not disappointed. The whole process was very well handled and I was keep informed of how the build was coming along. Great job and well done to all concerned.
No: 4,175
Name: Bruno Bandeira

Date: 08-07-2023

The best PC I've ever had. Fast process and very good support.
No: 4,174
Name: John Wallace

Date: 24-06-2023

I've always built my own systems in the past so I had some doubts about the value in purchasing a pre-built.

Older me has less patience for the hassle of dealing with sourcing components from multiple vendors with different delivery dates and a quick glance at PartPicker or one of the similar websites makes it clear that the savings to be made by doing it yourself are a lot smaller than they once were.

Decided on PCSpecialist since a few friends had recommended them and I was already aware of them from Kitguru. Ordering was easy, amending component selection after the order was simplicity itself, every query I had was answered promptly and thoroughly, and the system I ordered arrived in perfect order configured superbly and looking beautiful.

Quite literally my only regret about the entire thing is not paying sufficient attention to the dimensions of the Corsair 5000T case I selected since it turns out to be slightly larger than my first car. Quite lovely though.
No: 4,173
Name: David

Date: 22-06-2023

I'm so glad that I decided to purchase my custom build fro PCSpecialist! From my initial enquiry through to delivery and set up, I received nothing but exemplary service. I particularly liked the fact that I could track the timeline of the build, test phase, and ultimately the delivery.
Friends of mine are envious of my PC, especially the quality, and I've not hesitated to recommend contacting you for their future upgrades! Thank you
No: 4,172
Name: p m moores

Date: 22-06-2023

purched new gaming pc 6 months ago great pc good quality parts easy to use web site to build your own only took the 2 weeks from purchase to delivery delivery was very good pc well boxed no problems at all.
the pc was of great so decided to purchase another great to build your own easy to use web site easy to follow price of each item in pc build. p c specialists are one off the best companies around to purchase a good quality pc very good web site offering any pc for all you can not go wrong with them.

top end p c that are on offer from them are one off the best you will ever want.

good contact with both purchase for the 2 p c we have bought information i very good delivery time was very good as was the pc boxed up and delivery was good fab people at PCSpecialist.