About Our Service

PCSpecialist are Europe’s leading system integrator, specialising in build to order PCs, Laptops, AIOs and Servers. We focus on building high-performance systems for enthusiasts, gamers & professionals.

We feel the biggest driver behind our continued growth is our focus on providing the highest quality products, coupled with the best service in our industry.

  • Our systems go through an extensive stress test to make sure you get the most stable and high performing PC or laptop possible.

  • Each system goes through a quality control checklist to ensure all components are correct and follows our stringent guidelines.

  • PCSpecialist Multilingual support is available for international orders.


When using our customer friendly website, you’ll immediately see how our efforts have been concentrated on the customer journey. We have a very clean, easy to use configurator which allows our customers to build a computer to their exact requirements.

Working in this manner also results in each PC/Laptop/AIO we produce is tailor made for its required use, and optimised for maximum performance.

State of the art production facilities

Quality Control Check/Procedure

Each and every order is checked against our extensive multi-point quality control checklist. This allows us to maintain consistency across every system we build, and that all orders conform to our strict quality guidelines.

Burn in/Stress Tests Procedure

One of the most important stages of the production process.

Our expert technicians run a bespoke suite of tests across all PCs, Laptops & AIOs. These involve heavy processing load & multiple reboot loops, which help identify any potential faults or cooling issues. Any faults found are fixed before the system is tested again.

Only when a system passes all tests will it move onto the next stage of production.

Call Centre

PCSpecialist have 61 fully trained support staff which are on hand to provide you with the highest level of support. Whether you’re an existing customer requiring technical support, or a new customer needing advice on your new PC, we are here to help.

Languages Supported: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Portuguese and Polish.

We're open Monday - Friday 9am - 8pm (Saturdays 9am - 5pm).

We are open Bank Holidays

Our warranty options look like this:

Warranty Service

Parts Warranty Period

Labour Warranty Period

Collection Costs Covered

Hardware Technical Support Period

Hardware Technical Support Cost

3 Year Standard

2 Years

3 Years

6 Month Lifetime

3 Year Silver

2 Years

3 Years

1 Year Lifetime

3 Year Gold

2 Years

3 Years

2 Years Lifetime
3 Year Platinum

3 Years

3 Years

3 Years Lifetime