Workstation PCs for Altair Thea Render®

If you're looking for a high performance workstation computer designed for use with Altair Thea Render®, then you have reached the right place. PCSpecialist is a manufacturer of workstations tailored for use with a variety of specialist software packages, including Altair Thea Render®. We have created three base systems below which you can customise to your exact requirements. If preferred, you can create your ideal workstation based around Intel® and AMD® Processors and chipsets, along with an enviable choice of Nvidia® Quadro® graphics card options.

Looking for a workstation PC that's tailored towards alternative software? Select a different software package below:

Custom Built Workstations

Get to know Windows 11 Pro

my budget is €1,100 - €12,040

  • Intel® Z790 & W680 Chipset
  • 13th & 14th generation Intel® Core™ Processors.
  • Professional W680 & ProArt Motherboards designed for AI Training, Deep Learning, Animation 3D Rendering and Media Production

my budget is €3,340 - €10,840

  • AMD TRX50 & WRX80 Chipsets.
  • Supporting HEDT and PRO Workstation.
  • Up to 96 Cores, 192 Threads.
  • The Ultimate Platform For Professional Enthusiasts.

my budget is €2,580 - €24,080

  • Intel® C621 chipset & Socket 3647.
  • An incredibly powerful workstation & server engine.
  • Supporting the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, Up to 56 cores.
  • Ideal platform for Computer Aided Design (CAD) & Digital Content creation (DCC).

my budget is €2,470 - €24,080

  • Supporting the latest Intel® 4th Generation Scaleable Sapphire Rapid Xeons®
  • Suitable for AI, HPC, IoT/Edge and Networking
  • Up to 56 Core / 112 Thread CPUs & DDR5 Memory.
  • The Ultimate Platform For Professional Enthusiasts.