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be quiet! Dark Base 700


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Any Idea if this case will be made available in the near future? I was considering the 601 for a new video editing build until I came across this one which looks a lot better.


PCS never used to stock anything by be quiet!. Recently they took on the Dark Base Pro 900 V2 (?) and 601. It's possible they'll adapt and expand their range of be quiet! products, but note that the 700 seems to be an older model than the other two? If so it seems a little debatable that PCS will switch to an older model, even if it does have different offerings.

They did switch back to the Corsair Carbide Air 540 after briefly introducing the 740 for a while, which just didn't seem as popular as its predecessor. At least that was my impression. So it's not theoretically impossible for them to stick with an older model, but that seemed to be a special case and in this case they also already stocked the 540 to begin with,

So I wouldn't lay bets on it, though just to be clear I don't work for PCS. :)

You could always email them and ask if they're looking into expanding be quiet! case options.

If you're super keen for the 700 you can always use the Send In Your Own Case option for them to build a system into one for you.