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I am looking at an All-in One PC: always had desktops before, so am I taking a retrograde course? Also is a curved screen of any advantage? Thanks.
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I usually advocate against AIO PCs. For me the cons outweigh the pros.

"Profile Posts" are limited length. I suggest making a post here https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/forums/forums/desktops.6/ with your budget and a list of your uses for the system. people can then suggest specs, including AIO, if you ask for AIO and desktop ideas :)
So, computer is undergoing an RMA. Hopefully will hear back in a few days or so
Anyone know if it's possible to watercool a game max falcon case?
Probably better to make a full forum post rather than profile post or else people will miss it as seems happened here :) It can take certain AIO water coolers. Or do you mean open loop? Either way, prolly best to make a thread.