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Using our website you can select several types of speaker starting from a standard pair of speakers through to deluxe 7.1 speakers systems.

What is 2.1, 5.1, 7.1 etc.?

Standard speakers and 2.0 speakers consist of two speakers to cover the left and right sides.

2.1 speakers consist of two speakers and a sub-woofer (for bass) that adds a little extra quality to your computing experience.

5.1 speakers consist of five speakers and a sub-woofer (for bass). Having five speakers allows for a front left, front right, rear left, rear right and a center speaker in addition to the sub-woofer, and this enhances the sound dramatically. Providing the product that you are playing supports surround sound, you can experience sound in a much more realistic mode. For example, when playing games you can hear what's going on behind you so there's less chance you'll get caught out if your enemy is creeping up on you.

7.1 speakers consist of seven speakers and a sub-woofer (for bass), allowing for the ultimate sound experience. In addition to the center, front and rear left and right speakers, you will also have a side right and a side left speaker. For further information and a diagram, please click here.