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Memory (RAM)
RAM (Random Access Memory) is vital to a computer system. The more RAM your computer has, the more information that can be processed simultaneously. All your programs, games and applications that are currently in use are stored in your RAM, and so the more RAM you have inside your computer, the more applications you can run.

Memory Brand

Our memory is fully tested and comes with at least a 3 year warranty. The memory we supply is "original memory" (original chips on an original board as opposed to original chips on a third party board) which is the most reliable memory. Many companies will supply the cheapest memory available at the time but we only offer premium memory that's fully tested to reduce the risk of failure or computer instability.

Unfortunately we cannot supply a customer specific brand of memory whether cheaper or more expensive, as all our memory is fully tested and guaranteed to work. Therefore if you have any problems you can be assured to receive a direct replacement promptly (we can even post this to you on a next day delivery service as opposed to returning the whole system via the RMA procedure).

How should I determine my RAM requirements?

As time passes by applications are becoming more powerful, which usually means that they will require more RAM. In order to work out your RAM requirements we recommend that you check the mimunum memory requirements all of the applications you plan to run simultaneously and then double the figure you order.

Besides the amount of memory you can have in a computer, you can also choose to have faster memory. Faster memory will communicate with your CPU quicker and allow for an even better performance.

Don't worry if you find it difficult to work out how much RAM you need, our website is updated very regularly and therefore the minimum amount of RAM on our configurator will be enough for moderate usage.