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RTX Founder’s Edition vs Aftermarket


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I was looking for some advice on what to buy for my new build I’m waiting for the new
RTX 2080super at the end of the month. Should I wait for a ROG STRIX Card or just go with the founders edition card ?

Also any recommendations on what CPU to buy aswell only gonna be using the pc for strictly gaming at 1440p high FPS. Thanks


Depends on performance in reviews, and of course pricing, so nobody can say re: an as-yet unreleased card. :)

My suspicion based on pretty much every GPU that's gone before it though is that a the premium GPUs PCS sell aren't even close to being worth the money.

An FE or a fairly plain 'reference' spec card from Palit or Zotac (PCS usually use Palit or Zotac) will give very similar performance for a much, much lower price. Which is money saved towards your future GPU upgrades.

I'd haven't checked current pricing but quite often the Asus 2080 they do is closer is price to a 2080 ti than a 2080, to the point that if you were buying an Asus 2080 you might as well just get a 2080 ti.

I was looking at the 2070 Super GPUs recently and noticed EVGA's top 2070 Super was about 640€. If I wanted "performance a bit like a 2080 for about £600" I'd buy a 2080 for about £600.. :/ Often the way with the top-range models of a particular GPU...