Cosmos 15.4 inch with i7 6 core laptop | PCSPECIALIST

Cosmos 15.4 inch with i7 6 core laptop

This is my 5th computer I have bought from PC Specialist since 2008.

The reason why I keep coming back is that I can pick exactly what components go into the build. And also the quality
of after-sales support.... and good prices for the spec you can choose yourself.

This time I choose to have 1TB SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS M.2 and keep the SSD drive free in the new laptop so I could
install an SSD drive myself.

When the laptop arrived, I installed a Samsung SSD that I had myself... with the help of photos and support sent
by Rhys... which gave me the details on how to open the laptop and install the new SSD card. I am no computer
expert ;-) and it was great to get the support so I could do this.

Thanks for the great support... and keep up the good work.