Think you can build it cheaper?

Challenge PCSpecialist


We occasionally hear that it’s cheaper to buy the individual components to build a PC yourself than it is to buy pre-assembled from a manufacturer. PCSpecialist are constantly working to bring you the best technology and service for a reasonable price, so to help combat these rumours we have setup Challenge PCSpecialist!




If you are able to purchase the identical components cheaper elsewhere, we will guarantee to match the price except for a £50 service fee allowance.

The Service Fee will cover a professional build by expert technicians, a 24 burn-in & stress tests and delivery to your door, along with a 3 Year Standard Warranty* & Lifetime Tech Support.

Challenge Process

To submit a challenge, you must follow the steps below:


Submit a claim

  • Save a quote on and obtain the quote reference number.
  • Save a Link/Screenshot of the shopping basket including time & date.
  • Email [email protected] with all of the information and use the subject title "Challenge PCSpecialist".


PCSpecialist Review

Upon receipt of the challenge, PCSpecialist will review it and respond to you as soon as possible.

  • Successful Challenge: You will be notified that you have successfully challenged PCSpecialist and the price of your quote will be adjusted.
  • Failed Challenge: You will be notified that you have failed to challenge PCSpecialist, along with the reasons why.

Price match +£50

What does £50 get you?

Professional Build

  • Fully trained, experienced technicians.
  • State of the art production facility.
  • ESD protected build stations.
  • Excellent cable management.

Testing Process

  • Deployment of Windows, along with all updates & drivers.
  • Custom BIOS with finely tuned settings.
  • 24 Hours Burn-In & Stress Test.
  • Bespoke suite of applications to ensure stability & reliability.
  • Extensive multi-point quality control checklist.

Warranty & Tech Support*

  • 3 Year Standard Warranty, with upgrade options available.
  • Tech support Click here for more information
  • In-house support team, based at our head office.
  • 11 Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, French, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Portuguese, Polish

The PCSpecialist quote & competitor Basket must be created on the same day.

Challenge must include like for like/identical components. Any challenges using components which are not available on will be rejected.

Components must be brand new and available to purchase from an established, reputable retail/etailer.

All software must be genuine and fully licensed.*